Jakob Dylan: Women + Country

Jakob Dylan: Women + Country
Women + Country release date: Tue, 2010-04-06
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Great music and a beautiful expression of character and growth.

Supreme music! Not only seeing things and women + country but all of wallflowers records.
Come to Colorado Jakob!

Great tunes great words- you should sellout red rocks!

I am a french grandma and i just understand that you : Jakob
have so many " lovers " !
Stay yourself and continue to let us dream when listening
your lovely but great songs .
Thanks .

I originally wrote this about Bob a few years back, but as I read it again this evening, it struck me just how apt it is for Jakob. Really enjoyed Women & Country, and went straight out and bought Seeing Things. Both CDs have been on repeat play for a few weeks, and I enjoy the lyrics and the music more each time I hear them. Amazingly soulful voice. Any plans to tour in the U.K in 2011? - Love and best wishes, Sue x

I’ve never heard the murmur
of the rain that’s kissed your face,
but I have seen the dreams
you’ve held in your embrace,
and I have walked beside you
through the pages of your mind,
and together we have travelled,
another place, another time.

You’ve torn away the wrappings,
and you’ve spoken through your heart,
but experience has taught you
it can rip your world apart.
You’ve watched the world around you,
and you’ve written in your style,
expressions of a poet
putting ignorance on trial.

Your thoughts, they penetrate me,
piercing like a knife.
You weave your words like silken threads
rich tapestries of life.
The people think they understand.
Your life’s upon a shelf.
but no-one ever knows a man
better than himself.


cannot wait to buy, we just played wallflower
and Josephine is playing what a great song,
sweet, it makes me feel honored to hear my name is this
song, it makes me feel special, thank you!we look out to see you life! we also love Cracker!

Love it! I second the request, please play SLC, UT!

Jakob, I can't thank you enough for sharing your music! I've been through a lifetime of hurt already, a lot that is dear to me has been taken away. Nearly every song you write is encouraging and I can relate to, Women + Country especially! I've been enjoying your music since I was 12 and hope to one day meet you and tell you how thankful I am!

I dig women and country c d.i like 2 listen 2 it while im wokin,wakin up and it lolls me 2 sleep every nite,waitin 4 yur next c d Jakob god bless lov Mary Anne

Another super-album of Jakob. Songs like "Down in our own shield", "Lend a hand", "Everybody's hurting" or "Truth for a truth" are absolutely best music.
Jakob's music is very well.

A great artist of a son, from a legend of a father!, i hope you go far my friend, i listen to your album all the time its one of my favorites at the moment, also followed the wallflowers albums with great prowess, recommend to one and all!

Amazingly mellow smoothness with words that reach deep. My new favorite artist!

I have to say this is going to be a bit of a mixed review
Musically it is another great album from Jakob
Sonics ......well I'm not sure what exactly went wrong but it is a bad recording I find it hard to believe that T Bone was involved with the recording as I think T Bone is awesome as well . This album sounds boomy and totally lacks any dynamics sorta sounds like a BAD mp3 . I'm not sure why as Seeing Things is a great recording . So to sum it up

Music 9/10
Sonics 3/10

This said I hope Jakob makes his way to Vancouver BC
for a concert I would gladly go .

So so amazing. Please come to Salt Lake City, UT this summer. Pretty Please.

Last week I was in Florida where I had an exchange trip regarding my studies. When I'm abroad I always buy a cd without listening. I saw 'Women + Country' in a Starbucks shop. I bought it in a split second because of the title and the beautiful photographs and because T Bone Burnett produced it. He produced Raising Sand (Robert Plant and Allison Krauss) as well and that is a wonderful cd. And now back in The Netherlands I just can't stop listening to it. What fantastic music, I'll reccomend it to everyone. Thanks!

It was the only CD that was in my stereo when I drove from Oklahoma to North Carolina and it hasn't come out yet. It's such a positive vibe it keeps my spirits up.

One of the most incredibly talented American songwriters and Voices Of our time..
This is by far the call back to our roots of good ol USA style americana music..with class and heart!
<a href="mailto:danieljs111@aol.com">danieljs111@aol.com</a>
I am a photog. and would love to shoot this guys next album or press shots!
<a href="http://djsmithphotography.blogspot.com/" title="http://djsmithphotography.blogspot.com/">http://djsmithphotography.blogspot.com/</a>

I have had this album in my cd player for a week now, I love it. I recomend it to everyone who ask about it.

The 3rd track, "Lend a hand." is absolutley fantastic. I can't stop listening to it. I've been to New Orleans. and I had so much fun. This song brought it all back. It also made me think about how the people of New Orleans are strong, and probably still need help. I love this CD, and would reccomend it to everyone.